Moonstone & Silver Teardrop Earrings

These delightfully simple, intricately-fashioned, small drop earrings each feature a generous and lustrous Moonstone teardrop set in a sterling silver wirework bezel

The earrings are reliably fastened on Sterling Silver 925 French hooks


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Size & Fit

Earring drop: 30mm; Gemstone length (incl. bezel): 10mm; Gemstone width (incl. bezel): 8mm


Moonstone, Sterling Silver (hallmarked 925)

Wear it with

These nicely refined earrings will entrance your captive audience

They are suitably restrained to be worn with almost any outfit, and will naturally look best with darker shades, especially black, navy and grey

Excellently match your other Moonstone and Sterling Silver jewellery, with this alternative birthstone for the month of June

Thought by the Romans to be solidified moonlight, Moonstone gems have a shimmering blue luminescence which emanates in a moon-like glow called adularescence, named after the Moonstone mine at Mt Adular (St Gotthard), Switzerland