Citrine Solitaire Bypass Ring

This delicately-crafted ring features a brightly luminescent, round, brilliant-cut, Citrine solitaire gemstone, tastefully set in an asymmetric split-bezel gallery-style Sterling Silver bypass setting

The setting is placed on slightly wider, slightly reverse-tapered shoulders that undulate down to a fine, traditional, Sterling Silver flat-sided court band


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Size & Fit

Ring size: Australia/UK: M; US/Canada: 6; Gemstone diameter: 8mm; Ring Setting height: 5.4mm; Ring Band width (lower end): 2.7mm


Citrine Gemstone; Sterling Silver (Hallmarked 925)

Wear it with

This lustrously designed and coloured ring will always attract an interested audience

This yellow-shaded ring will certainly look best with blues and mauves, but can also provide a highlight to black and white and your more neutral tones

Match your ring with other Citrine and Sterling Silver jewellery, or mix it with entirely different jewellery and metals for a more excitingly eclectic mood

Citrine, a November birthstone, is reputed to be a calming stone that helps build self-esteem, lift depression and brings happiness