Cubic Zirconia & Silver Ring

This delightfully modern curved-design ring features a setting comprising three diamond-shaped, countersunk, pave clusters of shining Cubic Zirconia gemstones

The Sterling Silver 925 ring body is rounded in a D-shape, hollowed out for additional lightness and to illuminate the gemstones, and tapers slightly from setting centre, to the narrowest point at the rear of the shallow D-shaped band


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Size & Fit

Ring Size: Australia/UK: O; US/Canada: 7; Setting Width (central point): 9.5mm; Band Width (narrow rear point): 5mm


Cubic Zirconia Gemstones , Sterling Silver (Hallmarked 925)

Wear it with

The elegantly refined design and sparkling luminescence of this ring will confirm your essential taste

Though sufficiently restrained to be worn with most outfits, its bright vibrancy will certainly work well to lift darker and more neutral hues

Use this ring to match other Crystal-style Gemstone and Sterling Silver jewellery, so as to create a subtly consistent theme, or alternatively mix it with something quite different for a more excitingly eclectic mood