Garnet Chandelier Teardrop Earrings

Each of these delightful earrings features a small, glistening Garnet Teardrop Gemstone, suspended below a delightfully crafted Sterling Silver 925 wirework oval, thus adding aesthetic harmony by repeating the teardrop shape

The earrings are reliably fastened by Sterling Silver 925 French hooks


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Size & Fit

Earring Drop: 35mm; Earring Width (widest point): 8mm


Garnet Gemstones; Sterling Silver (Hallmarked 925)

Wear it with

This simple and artistic double-teardrop chandelier design will certainly get admiring attention

The earrings are suitably delicate and subtle to allow them to go with almost any outfit you choose, and they will wonderfully lift blue denim or your neutrals in black, white and greys

You can match these earrings with other Garnet and Silver pieces for a consistent theme, or alternatively contrast them with something entirely different for a more exciting mood