Garnet Marquise Ring

This interesting ring features a luminous marquise-shaped Garnet cabochon, tastefully set in a split bezel setting

The setting is placed on slightly reverse-tapered shoulders that undulate down to a fine, traditional, Sterling Silver flat-sided court band


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Size & Fit

Ring size: Australia/UK: R; US/Canada: 8.5; Gemstone length: 10mm; Gemstone width: 4.5mm; Setting Height: 4.6mm; Ring Band width (lower end): 3.9mm


Garnet Gemstone; Sterling Silver (Hallmarked 925)

Wear it with

This sleekly designed marquise ring is sure to attract an admiring audience

This ring can be worn with many outfits, and it has a mauvish tint that will look very good with pinks, mauves and purples, and of course with black and white

Match your other Garnet and Sterling Silver jewellery, or mix this ring with entirely different jewellery for a more excitingly eclectic feel

Garnet, a January birthstone, is reputed for healing, is said to improve creativity, and is also said to help bring you in closer touch with your feelings