Lapis Lazuli Cabochon Ring

This robustly styled ring features an evocative, round, polished, Lapis Lazuli gemstone cabochon in a shade of deep blue with pyrite flashings

The gemstone is bezel-set in a broad, circular, stepped, flange-like Sterling Silver setting

The setting is tastefully mounted on a traditional flat band with slightly-rounded outer edge


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Size & Fit

Ring size: Australia/UK: O; US/Canada: 7; Gemstone diameter: 9.25mm; Ring Setting diameter: 15mm; Ring Setting height: 7mm; Ring Band width (lower end): 4.5mm


Lapis Lazuli Gemstone; Sterling Silver (Hallmarked 925)

Wear it with

This beautifully-shaded, Native Indian-styled ring is sure to always attract admirers

It’s deep shade of Lapis blue ensures it will look best with shades like orange, red and yellow, but will also work well with the paler blues as in denim, and with neutrals like black and white

Match other Lapis Lazuli and Sterling Silver jewellery, or wear it with entirely different gemstones and metals for a more dramatically different mood

Lapis Lazuli, an August birthstone, mimics the night sky, and is known as a healing stone that eases depression and adds to the wisdom of its wearer