Moonstone Small Round Drop Earrings

These charming and refined drop earrings feature a single small, round, polished Moonstone cabochon-style gemstone, set in a Sterling Silver 925 bezel

They are suspended from Sterling Silver 925 hook fastenings

Looking like a piece of the moon, the Moonstone gemstone emanates a shimmering blue-white luminescence with a rainbow shine

This inbuilt light is called adulaescence, after the ancient Moonstone mine site at Mt Adula in Switzerland


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Size & Fit

Earring drop: 2.5cm/1in; Gemstone diameter (incl. bezel): 7mm/0.26.


Moonstone, Sterling silver (hallmarked 925)

Wear it with

These are refined earrings which provide an assurance of good taste

They are sufficiently subtle in colour and size to be worn with any outfit you wish, but they are naturally best for lifting your darker shades.

Moonstone is a June birthstone, so these earrings will make a wonderful gift for those with a June birthday

Employ these earrings to harmonise perfectly your other Moonstone and Sterling Silver jewellery