Mother-of-Pearl Filigree Ring

This elegant ring features a shining iridescent Mother-of-Pearl gemstone rectangle, countersunk within attractive filigree openwork Sterling Silver 925 shoulders

These Byzantine shoulders lead into a comfortably wide, but shallow, D-shaped band


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Size & Fit

Ring Size: Australia/UK: L; US/Canada: 5.5; Gemstone Size (length x width): 11.5mm x 8mm


Mother-of-Pearl Gemstone, Sterling Silver (Hallmarked 925)

Wear it with

The simple but elegant Byzantine style of this exceptional ring will confirm your refined taste

This delightful piece is suitably restrained to be worn with any outfit you wish, and you can profitably use it to match other Mother-of-Pearl and Sterling Silver jewellery to create a subtle and consistent theme

Mother-of-Pearl gemstone, like the Pearl it produces, has a close connection to the water in which it is born and the moon that moves the tides, thus symbolising essential feminine creativity