Pink Coral Chips Necklace

This artistically and intricately crafted princess-style neck ring features several small floating clusters of sets of 3 pink coral chips, placed strategically along a pink nylon line

The necklace is reliably secured by a traditional parrot clasp


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Size & Fit

Necklace Length (Princess style): 45cm; Coral Chip Size (Approx. Length x Width): 8mm x 4mm


Pink Coral Chips; Nylon Line; Stainless Steel Clasp

Wear it with

This uniquely shaded pink coral necklace is sure to attract a maximum of admiring attention

It will naturally go well with outfits containing similar reds and pinks, or with your autumn tones and denims, and will certainly lift neutrals like black, white and greys

Match other pink accessories for a subtly sophisticated theme

Coral is a protective stone closely related to nature by its connection to both trees and water, and which has all the more power from its mixed of animal, vegetable and mineral origins