Pink Wire-Wrapped Pearl Bracelet

This elegant statement bracelet features a floral petal display setting on its feature side, crafted with fashionably wire-wrapped, iridescent, Hand-Painted Freshwater Pearls in delightful shades of pink, bronze and beige, including interspersed rainbow-shaded Swarovski AB Crystals and assorted beads

The bracelet is reliably fastened with a traditional Hook and Eye clasp


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Size & Fit

Bracelet Length (Inner circumference): 16cm; Floral Petal Display Setting Width (small to large): 31mm to 52mm; Pearl/Crystals Diameter Range: 4mm to 6mm


Hand-Painted Freshwater Pearls; Swarovski AB (Aurora Borealis coated) Crystals; Acrylic Beads; Patinated Nickel Wire

Wear it with

This unusual, colourful and brightly luminescent bracelet is sure to attract admiring attention

The pinks, bronzes and beiges of Its beautiful floating Pearls can be nicely matched with similar shades within your outfits, and will certainly look stunning with colours such as white, pale pink or blue

Match the pearls in this bracelet with similar shades and hues in a necklace, ring or brooch, to create a nicely consistent theme

Pearl, a June birthstone, has an age-old association with the moon and the ocean tides, and has always been seen as revered symbol of feminine creativity and power