Rose Quartz Heart Ring

This fashionably designed and brightly luminescent Rose Quartz gemstone ring features a small, facet-cut, heart-shaped stone, tastefully placed in a minute Sterling Silver bezel setting

The setting is appropriately set on a fine, artistically-shaped, traditional Sterling Silver court band


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Size & Fit

Ring sizes: Australia/UK: N; US/Canada: 6.5; Gemstone Setting width: 8mm; Gemstone Setting height: 4mm; Ring band width: 2.5mm


Rose Quartz Gemstone, Sterling Silver (Hallmarked 925)

Wear it with

This delightfully shaded Rose Quartz ring shines with a radiance that is sure to attract an admiring audience

This exquisite and subtle ring is certainly sufficiently restrained to be worn with any outfit, and it will naturally brighten your more neutral shades

Match other Rose Quartz and Sterling Silver jewellery to create a captivating and consistent theme, or mix with other coloured gemstones for an exciting eclectic mix

Rose Quartz, a January birthstone, is said to promote friendship and love, enhance self-confidence, and provide feelings of tranquillity and deep inner healing