Silver 18mm Hoops, Coloured Bead Inserts

These small and delightfully chunky Sterling Silver 18mm hoops each feature a double row of five countersunk beautifully coloured beads in red, green and blue

The earrings are securely fastened with a traditional curved French lock closure, the ear-wire being inserted in the fork opposite


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Size & Fit

Earring Drop: 21mm; Hoop Diameter: 18mm; Tube Width: 2.8mm


Sterling Silver 925, Coloured Bead Inserts

Wear it with

These colourful and sophisticated hoops are sure to attract an admiring audience

Their bright silver luminescence will provide a wonderful lift to your outfits in all shades and hues, especially darker tones

Match these superb hoops with your other silver jewellery and such gemstones as carry on the red, green, blue theme; or alternatively mix them with quite different metals and gemstones to obtain a more vibrantly exciting theme