Silver Circle Bangle

This refined silver bangle, highly adaptable because of its essential simplicity of design, is comprised of a plain silver continuous circle of 4.5mm thickness


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Size & Fit

Inner circumference: 21cm; Inner diameter: 68mm; Outer diameter: 76mm; Bangle width: 4.5mm


Sterling Silver plated

Wear it with

The basic simplicity of this design presents an elegance and produces a bracelet that is eminently stackable

The continuous circle is an ancient symbol, always relevant, of the perennial return of life and the seasons, and of the essential nature of eternity

The simple silver circle goes with most outfits, but will be especially successful in highlighting black and other darker shades, or just providing relief from sustained areas of colour

Match it with other your other silver jewellery and accessories, or mix it in with some other completely different items for a more exciting image

A complimentary velvet draw-string jewellery pouch will be included free with your purchase

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