Turquoise Nugget in Silver Ring Earrings

These artistically designed earrings each feature a Turquoise Gemstone Nugget, centrally suspended within a Sterling Silver 925 flat-sided ring

The earrings are reliably secured with traditional Sterling Silver 925 French hooks


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Size & Fit

Earring drop (including hook): 39mm; Earring Length (excluding hook): 24mm; Earring Width (Ring Diameter): 19mm; Turquoise Bead Diameter: 8mm


Turquoise Gemstone Nuggets, Sterling Silver (Hallmarked 925)

Wear it with

These colourful and intricate earrings will surely attract a maximum of admiring attention

These Turquoise nuggets will delightfully enhance your casual mood, and add colour and style to some of your more relaxed outfits and especially your denims, providing a nicely established contrast to shades like black, white and neutral

Match them spectacularly with your other Turquoise and Silver jewellery and accessories to construct an exciting and consistent theme

The ring symbolises continuity, while Turquoise, a December birthstone, is said to aid ambition and creativity, and provide luck and success