Two Circles Mother-of-Pearl Statement Pendant

This large and luminescent Mother-of-Pearl shell silver-edged circle features several hues of beige and brown with underlying silver that emits a rainbow shine

A special feature of this pendant is the smaller silver-edged off-centre circular cavity, located near the top of the pendant

The pendant is reliably strung via a fancy Byzantine bail onto a suitably chunky long-curb mirror chain, and secured by a traditional parrot clasp


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Size & Fit

Pendant Diameter: 77mm; Off-Centre Cavity Diameter: 27mm; Chain Length: 46cm; Chain width (widest side): 3.2mm


Mother-of-Pearl Shell, Sterling Silver 925

Wear it with

An exceptionally beautiful and spectacular piece of Boho style jewellery whose iridescent radiance and unusual shape will ensure you always attract the maximum of avid attention

It is sure to go well as a casual accessory, providing a special statement with your jeans or summer beach wear, or as a bright lifting contrast to black or white