Vintage Blue Swarovski Crystal Necklace

This lustrous vintage 1960s necklace features an enticing string of pale blue emerald-cut Swarovski Crystals with the rainbow shine of the renowned Aurora Borealis (AB) coating

The necklace is reliably fastened with a traditional, though now rare, fancy gold, crystal-topped, box clasp


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Size & Fit

Necklace length: 43cm; Swarovski Crystal length: 12mm; Swarovski Crystal diameter: 8mm


Emerald-cut Swarovski Crystals (Aurora Borealis coated); Gold Plated Metal

Wear it with

A romantic and hypnotic necklace which shines with the rainbow lights of the Aurora Borealis – a system Swarovski perfected in 1955, and which is captured in these world famous crystals

This is a very special piece that will be perfect to lighten and enhance your darker shades, look wonderful with blue, or provide a marvellous contrast to white

Match your other blue-shaded and gold jewellery and accessories, or mix it with something entirely different for a more stunning mood

Condition: Excellent with minimal signs of wear, all stones present and brilliant, and clasps and findings in perfect working condition

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