Vintage Rose Quartz 5 Gemstone Ring

This unique vintage ring features a delightful, centrally-placed, prong-set, faceted-round Rose Quartz gemstone, immediately flanked by two small prong-set, faceted-round Rose quartz gemstones

Further out to each side, the setting features two more small gemstones, each flanked by Sterling Silver beads

The setting is appropriately and charmingly placed on a fine, traditional, Sterling Silver court band


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Size & Fit

Ring Size: Australia/UK: Q; US/Canada: 8; Main Gemstone diameter: 4mm; Main Gemstone setting height: 4.25mm; Small Gemstones diameter: 2mm; 5 Gemstone Setting length (end to end): 18mm; Ring Band width (lower end): 2mm


Rose Quartz Gemstones; Sterling Silver (Hallmarked 925)

Wear it with

This delightful Rose Quartz gemstone ring delivers a shimmering pink luminescence that will enthral your audience

This colourful and elegant ring, though suitably subtle to be worn with most outfits, will naturally look best brightening up your plainer shades

Match other Rose Quartz and Silver jewellery to create a captivating and consistent theme

Rose Quartz, a January birthstone, is said to help in promoting love, self-confidence, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of tranquillity