Classic Flexible Twisted-Cable Cuff


Vintage Blue-Silver 3-Strand Lucite Bead Necklace


Blue Rhinestone & Silver Dollar Sign Cufflinks


Floating Bronze & Grey Pearls on Black Leather Ties


Vintage Pink Flower Basket Brooch


White Dragon’s Teeth Shell & Red Bead Necklace


Teal Green & Silver Hand-Painted Pearl Drops on Leather Lariat


Mother-of-Pearl Shell Feathers, Rubber Ring


Garnet & White Pearl Collar Necklace with Pearl Drops


Turquoise & Silver Multi Bead Necklace


Silver Organic Figure 8 Pendant on Braided Brown Silk Double Tie


Boho Statement Necklace Grey/Teal with Charms


Mauve/Pink Pearls/Chains Cluster


Black, Bronze & Silver Connected Rings


Blue Faceted Stone in Flat Silver Ring


Citrine Round Bypass Setting Ring


Cubic Zirconia & Silver Ring with 7 Channel Set Rows


Clear Quartz Round & Pave Strips Silver Ring


Black, Silver & Orange Mother of Pearl Teardrop Ring


Blue Mondrian Circle Art Ring


Silver Hoops With Gold Silver Bronze Counters


Garnet Tube Chandelier Earrings


Lilac Stones In Antique-Style Antler Setting


Hematite Tubes Chandelier Earrings


Antique-Style Green & Cream Pearl Torsade Bracelet


Silver Circle Bangle


Silver Squared Organic Bangle


Welcome to Cybelle - Handmade Gemstone Jewellery and Vintage Jewellery

Cybelle gemstone jewellery is handmade by local Australian designers and makers, particularly the students we engage who are learning their practice at leading Australian institutions including the University of NSW Art & Design Department and the University of Technology Sydney.

We commission our designers and makers to craft individual and unusual one-off items of gemstone jewellery, including necklaces, pendants, chains, earrings, rings, bracelets and brooches and a small selection of other accessories.

We also spend time searching for interesting and unusual vintage items that we think will appeal to our customers.

Supplying handmade items that are unique and individual ensures that our customers always look stunning and attract a maximum amount of attention, admiration and emulation.

Our jewellery is always affordable, and we are very pleased offer free shipping worldwide to all our customers.

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