Amethyst & Pearls Floral Chandeliers

These vintage-style marcasite chandeliers each feature a delightful marcasite floral star design, set with four faceted-round Amethyst gemstones, below which are hung five pale rose freshwater pearl-studded long drops

The earrings are securely fastened with traditional French hooks


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Size & Fit

Earring Drop (including hook): 94mm; Earring Length (excluding hook): 77mm; Earring Width (widest point): 22mm; Pearl Drops Length (range): 22mm to 44mm; Pearl Diameter (range): 2mm to 6mm


Pale Rose Freshwater Pearls; Amethyst Faceted-Round Beads; Patinated Stainless Steel

Wear it with

These exciting vintage-style long-drop statement chandeliers are sure to attract admiring attention

These beautifully-designed and sophisticated earrings are sufficiently subtle to accompany most outfits, and will work hard to lift your more neutral shades while fitting delightfully with mauves, purples, whites and greys

Match these earrings with other Amethyst and Pearl jewellery and accessories to construct an exciting, consistent and cultivated theme

Amethyst, a February birthstone, is reputed to produce calm, reduce stress and help sleep; Pearl, a June birthstone, is related to feminine creativity through the moon and its power over the waters wherein the Pearl is born