Black Onyx Heart Ring

This unusual ring features a heart-shaped Black Onyx Gemstone set in a fashionable split-bezel, placed on bypass shoulders

The ring has a plain band with a shallow D-shaped configuration


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Size & Fit

Ring Size: Australia/UK: Q; US/Canada: 8; Setting Size (length x width): 10mm x 9mm


Black Onyx Gemstone; Sterling Silver (Hallmarked 925)

Wear it with

This simple but elegant ring will confirm your refined taste

It’s a delightful piece that’s suitably restrained to be worn with most outfits and will be especially useful to work in contrast with colours

Match this ring with other Black Onyx and Sterling Silver jewellery to create a subtle and consistent theme, or alternatively pair it with white gemstones for a superb contrast

Black Onyx, a February birthstone, is reputed to ground, protect and balance, and increase those energies which aid concentration and determination