Onyx & Silver Aztec Cross Ring

This intricate openwork ring features a small, oval, polished Onyx gemstone set centrally in a Sterling Silver 925 Aztec-style elaborate cross design with patinated geometric highlights to provide additional interest

The fine band pleasantly lightens this ring for easy wearing


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Size & Fit

Ring size: UK/Australia: S; US/Canada: 9; Ring Setting (length x width): 21mm x 17mm; Onyx Gemstone Dimensions: 7mm x 5mm


Onyx Gemstone, Sterling Silver (Hallmarked 925)

Wear it with

For the Aztecs, the cross with its four cardinal points, represented the Tree of Life that stood for the world in all its totality with its reliance on nature for existence and continuity

Subtle enough to be worn with any outfit, this ring will look exceptionally good matching black, contrasting with white, or wonderfully just fitting in with blue denim

Please note that if the band size is not quite right, a local jeweller can fix this for you very quickly

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