Brown Jasper Hearts Bracelet

This colourful bracelet features four facet-cut Brown Jasper gemstone hearts in an enticingly tone of brown

The hearts are separated by four bead chip clusters also of Brown Jasper gemstone and featuring chips in various shapes

The bracelet is fully elastic by means of firm elastic beading cord


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Size & Fit

Bracelet Inner Circumference: 17 cm (but bracelet is fully stretchable); Jasper Hearts Diameter: 25 mm; Jasper Chips Diameter (approximately): 6 mm


Brown Jasper Gemstone Hearts and Chips; Elastic Beading Cord

Wear it with

The vibrant deep brown of this stunning bracelet will ensure it’s always a centre of attention

The bracelet’s satisfying shade ensures it will wonderfully lift and brighten your more neutral or darker tones, while also enabling you to match clothing in autumn tones from red to yellow to green to brown

Use this bracelet to match your other brown-shaded accessories or mix it with quite different styles and colours for a more excitingly eclectic mood

Jasper is a March birthstone reputed to enhance your connection with nature, aid with inner reflection, and strengthen your overall stability