Mustard/Brown Jasper Rectangles Bracelet

This classically-inspired bracelet features eight cabochon-style, highly-polished, Jasper gemstone rectangles with semi-rounded outer surfaces and coloured in the evocative autumn shades of mustard, brown and caramel

The bracelet is fully elastic, being secured by means of elastic beading cord


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Size & Fit

Bracelet Inner Circumference: 17 cm (but bracelet is fully stretchable); Jasper Rectangles (Length x Width): 25.5 mm x 23.5 mm: Jasper Rectangles (depth): 9 mm


Jasper Gemstone Rectangles; Elastic Beading Cord

Wear it with

The exceptional colouring of this stunning bracelet will ensure it will always be widely admired

The bracelet’s enhancing hues ensures it will wonderfully meld with similar autumn tones, and contrast with blues and greens

Utilise this bracelet to match other mustard, brown and caramel-shaded gemstones or mix it with quite different styles and colours to achieve a more vibrant and interesting mood

Jasper is a March birthstone and has been reputed to enhance your connection with nature, aid with your inner reflections, and strengthen your overall stability