Matte Silver Spiral Bypass Ring

This artistically designed ring features a uniquely conceived openwork Sterling Silver spiral image, its surface finished in matte Silver to create a delightful contemporary mood

The setting forms an integral part of its bypass setting and its fittingly narrow half-round band


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Size & Fit

Ring size: Australia/UK: Q; US/Canada: 8; Spiral Setting Length/Width: 23 mm/16 mm; Ring Band Width: 4 mm


Sterling Silver (Matte finish on upper surface) (Hallmarked 925)

Wear it with

This contemporary design presents a fascinating image to the world

It is restrained enough to go with most outfits; it will look especially good with black or white, and will provide the necessary contrast to your colours

The ring will present an exciting contrast to your gemstone accessories, or a suitable match for your Sterling Silver pieces

The spiral is a symbol of optimism, facilitated by the act of setting out from a starting point, and finally reaching the your ultimate goal. Its appearance of motion and eternal rotation symbolises infinity