Pearl & Marcasite Bows Ring

This delightfully designed baroque ring features a central white iridescent Freshwater Pearl set between two intricately-fashioned openwork Marcasite bow shoulders

This subtly complex setting is placed on a narrow flat Sterling Silver 925 band


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Size & Fit

Ring Size: Australia/UK: M; US/Canada: 6; Pearl Diameter: 6mm; Bow Size: (length x width): 7mm x 10mm


White Freshwater Pearl, Sterling Silver (Hallmarked 925)

Wear it with

This elegantly crafted ring, with its combination of subtlety and bright luminescence, will always confirm your exceptional taste

Its iridescence will provide a stunning highlight to most outfits, especially black and darker and more muted shades

You can match this ring with other Pearl and Silver accessories, or even consider using it as a contrast to other quite different jewellery pieces to spread a more eclectic mood

The Pearl, a June birthstone, is closely connected to water and the moon that moves the tides, and is thus symbolic of the essential creativity of the feminine, while the twin bows symbolise security and safety