Vintage Paua Shell Rectangle Earrings

Each of these vintage 1960s earrings features a brilliant rainbow-iridescent Paua Shell rectangle, set in a Sterling Silver rectangular bezel-tray

The earrings are reliably fastened with traditional Sterling Silver 925 French hooks


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Size & Fit

Earring Drop (including hook): 32mm; Paua Shell Rectangle dimensions (length x width x depth): 14mm x 5mm x 3mm


Paua Shell, Sterling Silver 925

Wear it with

These simple but wonderfully luminescent Paua Shell rectangles will match your other Silver and Paua Shell accessories, and can be worn very nicely with greens, aquamarine, blues, plus with the neutrals like black, white and grey

Paua Shell, or Abalone, is naturally connected to the moon, the seas and the tides, and is thus a symbol of feminine power and creativity

Vintage Condition: Very Good: Overall in excellent condition, but some minor wear visible, but wearable and has sound clasps and findings